Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder?

I was going through my old college art projects and stumbles across this... thought it was quite interesting...

"This is my portrayal of most women.  They are nude because it is a woman truly exposed.
Tear away the fancy clothes, peel off the makeup, wipe away the fake tans, let down the hair... this is what you get.  
A real woman with feeling and emotions.  
Dreams, fears, confidence in some areas and insecurities in others. 
The bubble in this picture is the woman's thoughts.  
We all portray ourselves in our minds differently than we really are.  
The woman in the thought bubble looks fairly similar to the real one but has flaws.  Well more flaws than then the real woman. A larger butt, thicker thighs, arms and a little chunk on the belly, not to mention uneven breast. 
Myself personally I know I am not always happy with the way I look.  I find myself comparing myself to other females and being envious at times of how they have beautiful bodies or faces.
Not being able to add up to societies "ideal" beautiful can be very hurtful and have some extreme effects depending on the female.  The thing I have been learning though is, what is it that truly makes the figure more beautiful than the thought?  I may think one is beautiful and someone may think the opposite. .."

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