Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Must-Haves! Part 1 : HAIR

So these next few blog posts will be my summer MUST-HAVES... I decided to do it in three entries.
1. Hair Products
2. Skincare Products
3. Makeup Products
...and if I get daring, I may even try to throw in one having to do with clothing, but not 100% on that.

In no particular order.... let's jump right in!

This first product, is one for split ends, that I spend probably 20 minutes in CVS reading the label to make sure there was nothing bad in it before I bought it.  The only reason I went to CVS for it was because if you buy $20 worth of Nexxus products, you get $10 in CVS rewards.  So that was a nice little bargain.  So anywho... 

We all know that you cannot cure split ends, they need to be trimmed off and then prevented and I have found this to be a fantastic product.  I just rub two pumps in my hair after every time I wash it.  It smells AMAZINGGGGGGG and I have only been using it for a month, but seems to be doing something good to my hair.  

While we are on the topic of split ends... this is a thermal heat protectant spray.  I have been on the search for over a year for an aerosol heat protectant spray that was not full of harsh chemicals.  I finally found this one a couple weeks ago at Sally's.  I usually do not buy my hair care from there, but when I saw this, I was quite excited.  It smells good, it doesn't make your hair wet like the non-aerosol ones and using this before blow-drying, flat ironing and curling not only protects the roots and shaft of your hair, but it helps prevent split ends as well.  

How many of you wash your hair every day?  How many of you know that it is not good for your hair? Even if you have greasy hair... don't do it!  You have overactive sebaceous glands which produce excess oil, but actually by washing it every day you are helping your hair continue to produce that oil.  Solution....?  DRY SHAMPOO! I love dry shampoo.  One of the best inventions.

There are many brands out there, I also have Catwalk, I have tried Batiste, they all seem to work about the same.  I buy them depending on smell because my husband is super sensitive to smells... this one pictured is not too bad at all.  

Many think that you just spray it in and brush it out, however, that is wrong trying to absorb oils.  You want to spray it in your scalp and roots (and any other areas that need help) and then leave it for at least 5-10 minutes. The shampoo needs the chance to absorb some of the oils, then you brush it out.  

 NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE IT IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES AKA CAR - it causes the product to evaporate and then when you go to use it there will be no more, and you will have wasted a lot of money (trust me! I know from experience, when I bought my first one by TIGI which is not cheap).

Lastly, you want some sort of leave in conditioner.  This one is by milkshake and has been said to smell like buttered popcorn, coconut, and vanilla.  So needless to say, no matter what your senses tell you it smells like, it smells delicious.  

A leave in is not only good for extra conditioning and detangling but it is good for when you are in the sun.  If you know you will be at the beach or pool all day, just wash your hair and put some of this in and it will help your hair from absorbing the pool chemicals or the harsh rays of the sun, which in turn will prevent color fading or damage to your hair.  
This particular one is like a mousse, but I also use sprays and creams.  It is all a matter of personal preference.  

In addition to these items of course you want a good shampoo and conditioner to use with your specific hair type, and a good hair spray.  Let me know if you think there are any products I missed!


Monday, June 24, 2013

TIP - picking out a good eyeliner that stays

How many of you have experienced the droopy liner?  Or how about raccoon eyes?  I know finding one that won't melt off, run, or fade can be extremely tricky. 

Well, I am here to share my thoughts for choosing an eyeliner... 

1. If they have testers USE THEM.
* I draw a line on my hand about an inch long and wait about 30 seconds.  Then I take my finger and try to rub the eyeliner off.  If it smudges a lot or disappears, I automatically know it is not for me.
* If I really want to know if it is long lasting, I keep it on my hand. When I get home I will  continuously wash my hands, as a I normally do, and I will scrub my hand in the shower.  No lie, some eyeliners do not come off!  To me, that is a great eyeliner

This is also a way to test out if your eyeliner is still good.  Some dry out and get hard... other times they will smell funny.  Makeup does have an expiration date so just keep that in mind.

2. Do not be afraid to return your eyeliner once opened.  
*Most places that I know of offer a full refund on beauty products if you are not fully satisfied.  We all hate to waste money on stuff we will not use... So, if you don't like it, you don't like it and you should return it.  Sephora I know offers that, as well as CVS.  If you are concerned, do a bit of research.
4. Be good to your eyes!
*Make sure you pick an eyeliner that is going to be gentle on your lids and does not make your eyes burn.  
3.  High end is NOT always better.  
*People ask me all the time, "is it better to buy high end expensive makeup or drug store makeup?"  Honestly, I could say, go for the expensive stuff, that is what I do... but that would be a lie.  It is all a matter of personal preference and what your skin can handle.
  Example:  I cannot use Clinique.  It makes my face break out and feel funny.  But a bride that I did her trial, when I used Tart Amazonian Clay foundation (which is what I use on a lot of my clients and myself), she said her face broke our in a rash the next day.  I had her go pick up a foundation of her choice.  She bought Clinique and was extremely happy.

Lastly, I will share with you some of my favorite eyeliners in no particular order.

1. Sephora Pantone Universe Eyeliner (I bought the 3 pack: Black, Brown and Orange- better deal then buying 1 eyeliner by itself- even though I have yet to use the orange)
2. Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner
3. Avon Ultra Luxury
4. M.A.N gel eyeliner (seriously this stuff is AMAZINGGG)

I am still looking for that perfect liquid eyeliner though... 

Let me know if you have any eyeliners worth sharing! 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Go CooCoo for COCONUTS!

Lately all I have been hearing about is how great and versatile coconut oil is.  I bought a huge tub of it from Costco for like $13 and decided I better get my research going to start using it.  

Coconut oil is amazing.  It is a heart healthy food, but you can also use it on your body, in your hair and so on.  It can help fight of viruses, lower cholesterol, hydrate skin and hair, helps with aging, and so far, there are no known side-effects.  

So let me share with you, what I have found in my own life and as well as from doing research, some things you can use coconut oil for.  

If you have used it before, please share for what and the results! 


**Please be advised, these lists are from my own personal research as well as my own experimentation. I am in no way a doctor, and as everything, one needs to use their own discretion and check with their doctor if they are dealing with something more serious that needs to be treated.

Some beauty uses:

1. As body lotion
2. In homemade deodorant
3. Eye makeup remover 
4. Help with stretch marks
5. Lighten age spots
6. As massage oil
7. As an extensive facial moisturizer
8. To eliminate frizz in your hair
9. As a deep conditioner for your hair
10. Use as a natural chapstick
11. Can help speed up the healing of sunburns
12. Shaving cream
13. Has been used as a whitening toothpaste
14. A natural bug repellent
15. On cuticles and to help grow nails 

Food uses:

1. As a substitute for other oils
2. Add to smoothies for extra nutrition
3. Great for deep frying
4. Nursing moms, take 3-4 tsps a day and will increase milk flow and nutrition
5. Add to sweet beverages
6. Use to pop popcorn

Medical uses:

1. Mix with ginger tea and can help aid in digestion
2. Helps heal canker sores
3. Supports healthy thyroid function
4. Topically to kill yeast infections
5. Boost metabolism
6. Can help a skin injury heal faster
7. Helps sooth eczema or psoriasis 
8. May prevent or help with Alzheimer
9. Can help improve insulin levels
10. Can help lessen arthritis
11. Used in kids ears to speed healing of ear infection
12. Shown to help with depression and anxiety
13. When taken regularly, it can help fight candida
14. Boosts circulation
15. Can increase mental awareness 

Research done at and and

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Toxic Tampons... what?!?

Okay ladies... 

So the other day I was going through all the current items I own and reading the ingredient listed.  Well, I was in the bathroom trying to read the ingredients on the boxes of my feminine hygiene products and I could not find the ingredients anywhere... hmm... I wonder why?  

I did not think too much of it, but knew that when I got a free moment I would do some research and see what I could find.  Well, low and behold, tonight, while going through my saved blogs that I like to read, I clicked on one called 180 Degree Health.  The author answered my question immediately.  As soon as the blog opened I saw the title Toxic Tampons: Feminine Hygiene Alternatives.

If you are interested in reading more, I have added the link.  Also, make sure you watch the video that she included because it is quite interesting and will really make you think.  

Let me know your thoughts on this after you read her blog and watch the video.  Do any of you have any alternatives that you use and would recommend?

Toxic Tampons: Feminine Hygiene Alternatives


Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to my new beauty blog.  To start off I figured I would tell you a little bit about myself and let you know how I came up with the name of this blog.

First off, I am a licensed hair stylist and certified makeup artist.  I am married and live in the wonderful state of Massachusetts.... Being health conscious is extremely important to me.  Working out finally has become fun for me after all these years.  I love to dance... may not be good, but I enjoy doing it and I always have to have music on, especially when I am driving.  I am the middle child of two sisters and love them both dearly.  I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  I have some amazing friends and family.  

I love love love makeup and anything really that has to do with beauty.  I am always trying out new skin care products, shampoos/conditioners, makeup, polishes etc.  I used to not care what products had in them, if they looked good and fun I would buy them and try them.  As I made my way through my 20's (and yes, I am still in them... but not for too much longer...), I had quite a health battle that made me start to be more health conscious.  In the past year in particular I have really taken into account not just what I put into my body (obv. food and drink), but also what I put on my body.  

Some of the things you would never expect have some chemicals that can really do a number on your body, maybe not right away, but it could show some serious effects down the road.  So this is a new journey for me, reading labels, doing research and trying out new things.  It is tough and can sometimes be expensive, but I only have one body and I want to treat it right.  

With that being said.... I will try and pass on my current knowledge, new things I learn and my ideas onto you.  

My goal, seeing as I am just starting out for the first time will be to blog at least once a week and maybe just maybe if I actually have some good stuff to write and I am keeping you interested, maybe I will try to do it more often.  If you have any requests feel free to ask.

Now, how I came up with this name.... It is kind of a long story but continue reading if you are interested....

I have been trying to find a creative, easy to remember/say name and everything I thought of was taken! Go figure! So... I started thinking back on my childhood... nick names, things that I love and so on.  So I instantly thought of how growing up my dad would always call me Breezy.  I always hated it and then it became a sentimental thing and no one but my dad was allowed to call me that.  So I was trying to incorporate that... then I thought should I put my name in?  Geezeeee this is a tough process.  Then I remembered back to actually a not so positive memory from high school and it actually was the inspiration to this positive name.

There was this boy, and he randomly one day started calling me "BBB", I don't know where it came from and why on earth he would start calling me that, so I asked him.  He started laughing and said "It stands for big, beastly, brianna!"  as he looks around at his buddies for approval.  

Needless to say, that has stayed with me for my entire life.  It was extremely hurtful to say the least.  So... as trying to come up with a positive name, those initials popped into my head!  Three B's! So then I went through adjectives that reminded me of the field I am in... and that is how I thought of Blissful.Blushing.Beautiful.  and the blog info 3BBeautyBlog.  

We all have negative things said to us at one point or another, or we go through a tough time, but the whole point of being a beautiful woman is to be strong on the inside and overcome the challenges we face and that is what I have been trying to do as I approach my 30's.  

So, I hope through this blog I can inspire some people in any way shape or form whether it be through tips and tricks, me sharing my personal stories or in any other way.