Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Must-Haves! Part 1 : HAIR

So these next few blog posts will be my summer MUST-HAVES... I decided to do it in three entries.
1. Hair Products
2. Skincare Products
3. Makeup Products
...and if I get daring, I may even try to throw in one having to do with clothing, but not 100% on that.

In no particular order.... let's jump right in!

This first product, is one for split ends, that I spend probably 20 minutes in CVS reading the label to make sure there was nothing bad in it before I bought it.  The only reason I went to CVS for it was because if you buy $20 worth of Nexxus products, you get $10 in CVS rewards.  So that was a nice little bargain.  So anywho... 

We all know that you cannot cure split ends, they need to be trimmed off and then prevented and I have found this to be a fantastic product.  I just rub two pumps in my hair after every time I wash it.  It smells AMAZINGGGGGGG and I have only been using it for a month, but seems to be doing something good to my hair.  

While we are on the topic of split ends... this is a thermal heat protectant spray.  I have been on the search for over a year for an aerosol heat protectant spray that was not full of harsh chemicals.  I finally found this one a couple weeks ago at Sally's.  I usually do not buy my hair care from there, but when I saw this, I was quite excited.  It smells good, it doesn't make your hair wet like the non-aerosol ones and using this before blow-drying, flat ironing and curling not only protects the roots and shaft of your hair, but it helps prevent split ends as well.  

How many of you wash your hair every day?  How many of you know that it is not good for your hair? Even if you have greasy hair... don't do it!  You have overactive sebaceous glands which produce excess oil, but actually by washing it every day you are helping your hair continue to produce that oil.  Solution....?  DRY SHAMPOO! I love dry shampoo.  One of the best inventions.

There are many brands out there, I also have Catwalk, I have tried Batiste, they all seem to work about the same.  I buy them depending on smell because my husband is super sensitive to smells... this one pictured is not too bad at all.  

Many think that you just spray it in and brush it out, however, that is wrong trying to absorb oils.  You want to spray it in your scalp and roots (and any other areas that need help) and then leave it for at least 5-10 minutes. The shampoo needs the chance to absorb some of the oils, then you brush it out.  

 NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE IT IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES AKA CAR - it causes the product to evaporate and then when you go to use it there will be no more, and you will have wasted a lot of money (trust me! I know from experience, when I bought my first one by TIGI which is not cheap).

Lastly, you want some sort of leave in conditioner.  This one is by milkshake and has been said to smell like buttered popcorn, coconut, and vanilla.  So needless to say, no matter what your senses tell you it smells like, it smells delicious.  

A leave in is not only good for extra conditioning and detangling but it is good for when you are in the sun.  If you know you will be at the beach or pool all day, just wash your hair and put some of this in and it will help your hair from absorbing the pool chemicals or the harsh rays of the sun, which in turn will prevent color fading or damage to your hair.  
This particular one is like a mousse, but I also use sprays and creams.  It is all a matter of personal preference.  

In addition to these items of course you want a good shampoo and conditioner to use with your specific hair type, and a good hair spray.  Let me know if you think there are any products I missed!


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