Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Go CooCoo for COCONUTS!

Lately all I have been hearing about is how great and versatile coconut oil is.  I bought a huge tub of it from Costco for like $13 and decided I better get my research going to start using it.  

Coconut oil is amazing.  It is a heart healthy food, but you can also use it on your body, in your hair and so on.  It can help fight of viruses, lower cholesterol, hydrate skin and hair, helps with aging, and so far, there are no known side-effects.  

So let me share with you, what I have found in my own life and as well as from doing research, some things you can use coconut oil for.  

If you have used it before, please share for what and the results! 


**Please be advised, these lists are from my own personal research as well as my own experimentation. I am in no way a doctor, and as everything, one needs to use their own discretion and check with their doctor if they are dealing with something more serious that needs to be treated.

Some beauty uses:

1. As body lotion
2. In homemade deodorant
3. Eye makeup remover 
4. Help with stretch marks
5. Lighten age spots
6. As massage oil
7. As an extensive facial moisturizer
8. To eliminate frizz in your hair
9. As a deep conditioner for your hair
10. Use as a natural chapstick
11. Can help speed up the healing of sunburns
12. Shaving cream
13. Has been used as a whitening toothpaste
14. A natural bug repellent
15. On cuticles and to help grow nails 

Food uses:

1. As a substitute for other oils
2. Add to smoothies for extra nutrition
3. Great for deep frying
4. Nursing moms, take 3-4 tsps a day and will increase milk flow and nutrition
5. Add to sweet beverages
6. Use to pop popcorn

Medical uses:

1. Mix with ginger tea and can help aid in digestion
2. Helps heal canker sores
3. Supports healthy thyroid function
4. Topically to kill yeast infections
5. Boost metabolism
6. Can help a skin injury heal faster
7. Helps sooth eczema or psoriasis 
8. May prevent or help with Alzheimer
9. Can help improve insulin levels
10. Can help lessen arthritis
11. Used in kids ears to speed healing of ear infection
12. Shown to help with depression and anxiety
13. When taken regularly, it can help fight candida
14. Boosts circulation
15. Can increase mental awareness 

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