Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to my new beauty blog.  To start off I figured I would tell you a little bit about myself and let you know how I came up with the name of this blog.

First off, I am a licensed hair stylist and certified makeup artist.  I am married and live in the wonderful state of Massachusetts.... Being health conscious is extremely important to me.  Working out finally has become fun for me after all these years.  I love to dance... may not be good, but I enjoy doing it and I always have to have music on, especially when I am driving.  I am the middle child of two sisters and love them both dearly.  I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  I have some amazing friends and family.  

I love love love makeup and anything really that has to do with beauty.  I am always trying out new skin care products, shampoos/conditioners, makeup, polishes etc.  I used to not care what products had in them, if they looked good and fun I would buy them and try them.  As I made my way through my 20's (and yes, I am still in them... but not for too much longer...), I had quite a health battle that made me start to be more health conscious.  In the past year in particular I have really taken into account not just what I put into my body (obv. food and drink), but also what I put on my body.  

Some of the things you would never expect have some chemicals that can really do a number on your body, maybe not right away, but it could show some serious effects down the road.  So this is a new journey for me, reading labels, doing research and trying out new things.  It is tough and can sometimes be expensive, but I only have one body and I want to treat it right.  

With that being said.... I will try and pass on my current knowledge, new things I learn and my ideas onto you.  

My goal, seeing as I am just starting out for the first time will be to blog at least once a week and maybe just maybe if I actually have some good stuff to write and I am keeping you interested, maybe I will try to do it more often.  If you have any requests feel free to ask.

Now, how I came up with this name.... It is kind of a long story but continue reading if you are interested....

I have been trying to find a creative, easy to remember/say name and everything I thought of was taken! Go figure! So... I started thinking back on my childhood... nick names, things that I love and so on.  So I instantly thought of how growing up my dad would always call me Breezy.  I always hated it and then it became a sentimental thing and no one but my dad was allowed to call me that.  So I was trying to incorporate that... then I thought should I put my name in?  Geezeeee this is a tough process.  Then I remembered back to actually a not so positive memory from high school and it actually was the inspiration to this positive name.

There was this boy, and he randomly one day started calling me "BBB", I don't know where it came from and why on earth he would start calling me that, so I asked him.  He started laughing and said "It stands for big, beastly, brianna!"  as he looks around at his buddies for approval.  

Needless to say, that has stayed with me for my entire life.  It was extremely hurtful to say the least.  So... as trying to come up with a positive name, those initials popped into my head!  Three B's! So then I went through adjectives that reminded me of the field I am in... and that is how I thought of Blissful.Blushing.Beautiful.  and the blog info 3BBeautyBlog.  

We all have negative things said to us at one point or another, or we go through a tough time, but the whole point of being a beautiful woman is to be strong on the inside and overcome the challenges we face and that is what I have been trying to do as I approach my 30's.  

So, I hope through this blog I can inspire some people in any way shape or form whether it be through tips and tricks, me sharing my personal stories or in any other way.



  1. I love that you're all about avoiding products with harsh chemicals. I'd love to see a post about anti-aging products that don't have as many harsh chemicals. Some people don't want to fill their face up with botox, but still want something to keep their skin looking youthful :-)

  2. I am so excited for your blog!!! Thanks for sharing with us! I love the name too. Take that you-know-who! Xoxo hope all is well :)

    1. haha! Thanks! Like I said, you are my blog inspiration, so I am trying to make you proud! ;)

  3. Have you tried to make any homemade products? I recently asked a friend who is into this to provide me a few recipes to try. She makes her own face wash, face powder, and shampoo/conditioner. While it is easier to buy some products already made, I felt good using a homemade face wash (that's the only one I tried so far). It would be interesting to hear reviews on the different homemade recipes out there, etc. Just an idea if you wanted to tackle it..

    1. I have made a few homemade products and will continue to try. I will post those in here at some point too. Great idea!