Friday, August 2, 2013

Date night hair -- pinterest inspired

Guess what.... 

Another pinterest hair style!  The hubs and I are going out for a date night (which is extremely rare when we actually go out, instead of staying in to watch a movie), so I decided that I wanted to try and look nice for him! So of course I whipped out my laptop and looked up some hair styles on pinterest.  

My only issue that I was concerned about is that my hair is on day 3 of not being washed.  It is so dry naturally that I try not to wash it more than every 2-3 days.  I am getting my hair trimmed tomorrow, so I just figured I would wait and have her wash it for me (don't worry, I still shower!).  

Anyways... that meant prob not much for curling, but more of like a beachy wave possibly, or something all up and pinned.  So this is what I ended up following:
Here is my own try... although I do not own a pretty and sparkly headband, so mine was a bit more boring...
So it is not perfect... but I will def try again when my hair is cleaner and shinier!  But I do love the side hair styles, so I enjoyed wearing this do! 


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