Thursday, August 8, 2013

Falsie eyelashes with BABYPOWDER?!?!

So I found this pin that I was interested in trying... everyone (well at least myself... I guess I am not everyone)... wants great looking lashes and there are so many different mascara's that claim to give you great lashes.  I myself use an eyelash primer before my mascara and I like it, but it definitely does not give them as much length and thickness as the lashes on the commercial! Go figure! 

Here is the pin...

This blogger claims that using baby powder in between mascara applications helps make your lashes fuller and longer.  So I tried it.  I am not sure what I think, I will have to try it again but here are pictures afterwards...

They do look long, but I think they also look a little bit clumpy.  When I try it again, I will take before and after pictures and maybe I will do one eye without the powder and one with to see the difference.  Try it though... if it works for you, it is a lot less expensive then buying eyelash primers and all those other fancy mascara's.  

And in case you are wondering, the mascara I used with it is Rimmel London's Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara.  Which I believe I bought from Ocean State Job Lot for $4 or $5.00.  I like it a lot! 

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