Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So I have been a little MIA from blogging due to numerous things going on in my life... literally within two weeks...

We had a death in the family... and went to Boston on October 16 for the service for my uncles life partner, David.  Such a sad time for the family- as we hate to see my uncle in pain. Rest in Peace, you will be missed.

Then on October 17 (my grandmother, who has passed, birthday) we welcomed my beautiful nephew August into this world!  I have heard it said before, that when there is death, there is birth... this was a bittersweet moment, I felt kind of guilty to be so happy and excited, but he is my first nephew by blood and let me tell you, Melissa and Ben did a GOOD job!  He is such a beautiful baby!  I wanted to post a pic of them all, but my sister would not allow it. ;)

I then had a last minute wedding to do hair and makeup for October 19... these are just two of the five wonderful ladies I did hair and makeup for.  

I also did hair and makeup for a Halloween Ball... Poison Ivy...

I also got to do my own hair and makeup for a halloween party, which was fun dressing up for and spending time with my lady friends!  Me- Kat Von D, Liza- pirate wench, Jen- Amy Ferrah Fowler.

Then I celebrated my friend Dez's 30th Birthday.

Took some photos for my dear friend Liza, her mother, and their Canadian friend who was in town....

Then of course, we are still working on the house... the contractors are FINALLY done... an "8 day project" got turned into a month and a half...  but we are just glad it is done!! 

The ceiling is finally patched.  

We picked out these light fixtures for each of the rooms (thank you Sarah Reilly)! 

I FINALLY decided on a bathroom color and I love it!! It looks slate blue here, however, it is actually called Sage Gray and is suppose to have a green tint to it.  

We had our nephews final soccer game of the season to go to, where he scored like a champ! 

We cleaned our house like crazy to get it ready to move into, and set up the moving truck and friends to help us move November 2.

This was our first lunch/dinner, just the two of us, in our kitchen/dining room.  Notice, the table is plywood, and what you cannot see is the horses holding it.  

Then last night Marc and I spent our first night in our house for our One Year Wedding Anniversary.  I made a nice stew and brought it to the house for dinner, which I was going to heat in the over, however, we didn't have pot holders, I forgot a serving spoon and eating spoons and I forgot bowls.  So... pizza it was... Hawaiian! YUM!  We do not have internet or tv yet, so it was a nice night just the two of us.  We read our guestbook "rocks" and laughed a lot.  We drank wine and played games, and just enjoyed each others company.  

And we had a bite of our wedding cake... whoever's idea it was to save the cake top for a year in the freezer and eat it, not so hot!  I don't know about everyone else's but ours was NASTYYYYYYYY.  It was super dry and tasted freezer burned.  Although Marc said the frosting was still delish and wanted to put it back in the freezer for our next anniversaries together, which I DID NOT agree to.  HA! 

So now it is just a matter of packing up our apartment, moving in the house and then getting everything put together! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick life update and all the pictures!! 


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