Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halfway there...??


So it has been over a week since I posted about the house and I am guessing we are about halfway there (???)...

Last week the floors got done and they look amazingggggggg!  I was quite nervous about the stain we picked out, but I love it.

The above picture is the color we chose.  It is Golden Oak by Minwax.  Marc wanted natural and I wanted a bit darker, so we compromised and here is the before...

and here is the after... looks good, huh?

I also mentioned in previous posts that I had to pick out vinyl for the kitchen floor because the previous owners patched it with three different types of woods and we were told it wouldn't look so hot refinished. So until we can afford something nicer, vinyl=budget friendly.  

Here is is the one I went with and I LOVE it.  The colors really tie in the cabinet color I chose, the kitchen and dining room walls and it even looks nice next to the hardwood flooring (at least I think it does).

Here is a picture of the finished cabinets and the floor.  I still have to paint the paneling in the kitchen so disregard that gross looking stuff...

We had to have the chimney liner replaced... not very interesting but here is a picture of that.

We also had to have our side stairs fixed because there was rotting wood (yes I know the stairs are crooked... it was like that when we bought it)...

As well as replace the shutters and do it in a more efficient way so that the water would go elsewhere than on the house.

The contractors tore down the deck and stairs here (safety issue, as I believe I mentioned) and closed the upper deck with some of the wood from the lower deck, so now it is a balcony, until we can afford to rebuild it.

We also had to have some cracks filled as well in order to get the loan.  Looks attractive doesn't it??

My wonderful husband and father-in-law also went up this past weekend to seed and mow the lawn, as well as rip out the bush that was in the front of the house and overhanging into the driveway.  Soooo happy it is gone!

This is my view from the recliner, at 6:45am, in our garage while I was waiting on the HUD inspector to come out.  You get to see the beautiful fall foliage and the cute house across the street from us! 

And lastly, a shameless selfie of me... I was bored waiting for him and thought my outfit was cute so I figured I would try.  

So now it is just finishing some scraping and painting on the exterior, fixing a window, and getting us our bathroom so we can MOVEEEEEEEEEEE IN!!!!!   I hope to be in by Marc's and my 1 year Anniversary. And while I really want to be in sooner, I thought it might be nice for us to spend our first night there on our anniversary (10-28) if it takes longer than anticipated.

The next blog post I will be sharing my paint colors with you, and I will also need your help.  I cannot decide on a bathroom color, so I will be posting some options and please please please give me your vote!


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