Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finally a break!

Tomorrow the floor guys come, as I have mentioned, so this weekend was a "get 'er done" weekend!

Saturday Marc and his mother finished painting all the ceilings in the house and they did a great job!  My father-in-law got a lot of stuff done too, he has been the one to inspect, fill holes, compound/mud, sand, fix, etc everything.  We are so grateful to have him for that.  My ma-in-law is great because she basically says, "okay, what do you want me to do" and she will do whatever.  Which once again, we are so thankful for!! 

My dad is the painting man and basically helped me paint our entire house.  I would not have survived all the painting without him (especially because my husband HATES to paint!!).  So THANK YOU DAD!!   We got on a roll yesterday and got three rooms completed with both coats-- we started around 9:30 am and pretty much worked through until 5:30. Then he helped me clean the upstairs like a crazy person! 

Here is another picture of what I typically look like when I am done painting... paint all over my legs, pants etc. However, the walls do look good!  Moving along...

Marc is now sick, so he gets a free pass today from doing anything in the house.  I gave my dad the day off today too.  But Mike and Dee (ma/pa-in-law) came up and helped me clean and prep floors for floor guy. My plan was just to go in and give the floors a good cleaning, well... Mike had other plans in mind!  

He thought it would be a good idea to clean everything while it was open and empty and that way no dust would get trapped in the floors if it fell while the polyurethane was wet.  I did not come dressed to do heavy duty cleaning, but that house seriously needed cleaning so that is what we did!  I went through an entire bottle of Simple Green too.  Practically every crevice had dust in it.  We wondered if the previous owners ever cleaned their house!  I dusted and cleaned walls, baseboards, trim, molding, doors, door handles, closets, stairwell, railing, window and frames and so on and I swept the rooms.  Mike went around with shopvac and vacuumed all the crevices to get all the junk out.  Dee then followed us and mopped.  It worked out quite nicely... 

I am exhausted though and extremely happy that I am not allowed to be at the house this week! Break for us and our families! A much needed break! 

OH! And... yesterday MassSave also came out for a free energy assessment and gave us a bunch of free goodies!  37 new energy efficient light bulbs (they average about 15 in most homes), a new thermostat, a really sweet energy efficient power strip and a bunch of deals on insulation and what have you.  I would say this is a must have for home owners!  It will help your bills and who doesn't love discounted or even FREE stuff?!

This will probably be the last of the house posts until the floors are done.  But if anything comes up, I'll let you know! ;)


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