Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Renovations Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the contractors coming to the house.  We have an FHA 203k rehab loan... and for those of you who may not be familiar with it, the bank is giving us specific things we have to have done by a contractor in order to qualify for the loan.  Some of the things include peeling/chipping paint, any rot, broken windows, fix any electrical issues etc.

So let me start off by saying our full bathroom upstairs was disgusting!   There is no ceiling vent/fan, therefore the walls and trim and ceiling were covered with mold and mildew ... NASSSTTTYYYY...  So we figured, since they are gutting the bathroom, why not have them put in a new tub, toilet, vanity and sink...  I love the color pink and all, but a pink sink NO THANKS!  And a bathtub kit that is actually too big for its spot that it overhands the door and you cannot fully shut it, ummmm NO.  

Marc and I last week, took an evening when he got off of work and went to Home Depot. We picked out the tile we liked for the floors and the wall around the tub, our vanity/sink, and toilet.  I enjoyed it... it was tricky to get it all to go together, and I just pray that we will like it when it is all said and done!! 

While I am dying to show you pictures of the new bathroom fixtures we picked out, I think I am going to wait and have it be a surprise.

The other thing we are having redone is the hardwood floors throughout... this was something on our wish list that we chose to add on to the loan, because they are the original floors and pretty beat up.  Not to mention, in front of the fireplace, there is a huge patch where they laid down particle board (we aren't exactly sure why?? water damage somehow?) and it looks terrible obviously!  So today they also ripped up the particle boards along with some of the wood floor to make it an even rectangle to lay new flooring before the floor guy comes in.

Lastly, we have two decks... one right off the dining room, then deck stairs going down to another small deck that was crooked.  So we were told we either needed to have it fixed/rebuilt or tear it down (just the stairs and the small lower deck).  We decided to just have them tear it down and we will save up and rebuild the deck(s) hopefully in the spring.

Finally, I wanted to share our progress that we have made on our kitchen.  Since we closed we have been cleaning, prepping, priming, painting, the works to get the house ready and livable.  Here is just a quick sneak peak as to some of the painting I have done... 

Let me know what you think! XOXO- B

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