Tuesday, September 10, 2013

22 Amazing and Practical Uses for Hairspray

I wanted to share this article I saw that someone pinned on pinterest from babble.com.

Stain Remover

You may have heard of this one, but it really works. I’m convinced the combination of hairspray and Tide To Go will remove anything.

Bug Killer

Hairspray is less toxic than chemical bug sprays but just as effective at stopping flies, mosquitoes, and even bees.

Wreath Preserver

Coat your next evergreen wreath with hairspray. The polymers help seal in moisture to help the greenery last longer.

Sidewalk Chalk Sealant

When your kids create a masterpiece or hopscotch board, help it last longer and prevent smudging with a coat of hairspray. This also works for chalk lines used during home improvement.

Shoe Polish Extender

Spray a light coat onto shoes after polishing to set the color and help it last longer.

Index Card Protector

Give index cards a couple coats of hairspray to make them spill proof. This works great for recipe cards.

Cut Flower Life Extender

I’m not sure I’d dare try this, but I’m told that adding a light coat to the underside of cut flowers help them to last longer by sealing in moisture.

Rub On Transfer Creator

Follow this tutorial to make your own rub-on transfers using hairspray. You can use the rub-on transfers for scrapbooking, cards, crafts, or for creating a cool design on your nails, like the one above found at Geez... 

Pet Fur Grabber

Spray hairspray onto a paper towel or rag, then run it over furniture or carpets to easily clean up stubborn pet fur.

Nail Polish Dryer

As this video shows, hold a can of aerosol hairspray a good distance away from nails and lightly coat each nail to help speed drying.

Run Stopper

We all know the clear nail polish trick for pantyhose runs, but hairspray will also do the trick. In fact, you can pre-treat pantyhose with a light coat of hairspray to strengthen fibers and prevent runs in the first place.

Zipper Stiffener

Have a zipper that keeps falling down? Spray it with hairspray to harden the teeth and prevent wardrobe malfunctions. This trick also works on loose screw and hinges.

Leaf Preserver

If you plan to go leaf hunting with your little ones this fall, spray your finds with hairspray to help preserve their color longer. This also works with dried or pressed flowers.

Self Defense

In a pinch, a shot of hairspray to the eyes of an attacker could buy you some time.

Newspaper Transformer

I love to reuse newspapers as gift wrap. Spraying the sheets with a couple light coats of hairspray will strengthen the paper, make the colors pop, and seal the ink so it won’t get all over your hands.

Curtain Protector

Spraying curtains with hairspray prior to hanging helps to ward off dust from clinging to the fabric and prevents wrinkles and creases.

Label Remover

Hairspray helps remove that sticky residue left over when you peel off a sticker or label.

Nail Polish Remover

If you spill nail polish on a rug or piece of furniture, you will not want to use acetone-based nail polish remover to clean it. Instead, spray the stain with hairspray, let it sit for a minute, then dab with a rag. Repeat until the polish is gone.

Static eliminator

Spray hairspray on a brush prior to using to prevent a hair-raising experience. You can also use hairspray on the underside of clinging clothing to eliminate static.


Yes, I just made that word up, but hairspray is a great way to coat your craft items with glitter! Coat the item with spray, sprinkle on glitter, shake off excess, and then seal with another coat of hairspray.

Artwork Conservation

Kid’s non-toxic paints and markers aren’t meant to be archival. Coating them with a light spritz of hairspray will help them last longer.

Lint Remover

Don’t have a lint roller handy? Spray a little hairspray on a rag and wipe your clothing. The lint will stick to the hairspray and come right off.

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