Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bedroom for Lovers...

Okay just a heads up, this blog is not as explicit as it may sound!

I am sharing an update on our home.  The living room, full bath, kitchen and MASTER bedroom are the rooms that we first and foremost wanted to complete.  They are all still a work in progress, however, I am quite happy with how my bedroom is starting to look so I thought I would share.

Being completely honest with you, I am not super clean when it comes to putting clothes away... my parents, sisters and husband can all vouch for me... I get lazy and do not want to do it.  I am not like grimy sloppy, I just do not typically hang up my clothes, or fold nicely.  You might find them all lying in a nice pile on top of the dresser and then I finally put them away when they look as if the pile might topple over.

So with that being said, the #1 thing I did not want to do is have a dresser in our bedroom, and because our closet has attic access and we need to keep that free as well, so we did not want to put clothes in our closet either.  I made it clear to my husband that the bedroom, it is to stay spotless.  Also, Marc had told me before we moved that he wanted to make a rule, no electronics in the bedroom (ie laptop, tv etc), which I was happy enough with.  I was glad  with my reasoning being I do not like to have to fall asleep to a loud tv going when he comes to bed and Marc's reasoning was "the bedroom is for sleeping and baby making and that is it!" (and no, we are not "baby making" yet).

So Marc and I have different reasons behind this rule, but it works out either way!

Also, another good reason not to have electronics is studies show that people get better sleep when they are not sleeping (cognitive stimulation, the "glow" from machines, and physical act creating cortizol- Web MD)...

Now onto decor... I am slowly starting to decorate, and I got a killer deal on a duvet cover that I think is warm and inviting and I make sure not to buy white sheets either, because according to Dr. OZ it can sabotage your sleep, so I have nice gray sheets.  I also decided decor would be reflective of my husband and my life together, and fortunately for us, we have some fun photos from when we dated at 16, as well as our life as adults, so I decided to combine all those photos.  I still have more to hang, so I am not going to post a photo as of yet.

Here is the before...

Here is now...

I have a sign above the bed that says "always kiss me goodnight" and two mirrored wall sconce candle holders, and they are holding the candles his sister gave us to light on our wedding night.  Then I have two shelves to the right of the bed that were originally white with ivy leaves painted on them (they were my grandmothers), I spray painted them silver and put two of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon on them (one on each) and then our cake topper is on the higher shelf and I need to find something else to add to the lower shelf.  

We have a small nightstand that I got from a tag sale for under $10 and then our alarm clock.  The curtain is hard to see, but it is one that I registered for last year and absolutely love it.  It is sheer with leafs stitched on it.

The wall color is called Amherst Gray.  I went with gray because to be completely honest, I do not want to have to paint the walls again and gray is such a diverse color... I can make the room any color scheme I want and keep the gray walls.

I am still waiting on the baseboards and window/door trim to be put up and then eventually we would like to get an area rug or two runners, some crown molding and what not, but for the most part, I like how it is simple and uncluttered looking and as I said, it is a bedroom for lovers, it reflects our love, allows it to be our sanctuary and just focus on each other, which we def could stand to do more of.  

Hope you enjoyed reading this!  Tomorrow I will show you another room that is almost completely as well. 


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