Monday, November 25, 2013

Spiritual Gifts

So last week at my church the sermon was on spiritual gifts.  During the week I received an email saying I could find out what my spiritual gift is, so of course, being curious I did.  Well, half way into it I got nervous... I do not have a spiritual gift!  None of these questions are strongly me...  how can God use me if a lot of these things I have never experienced, or honestly care to experience... I must be such a horrible person!

Well, it was time to submit my answers and receive my score and you know what?  God just confirmed what I have known all along, but I think I forgot about along the way.  My top were hospitality and giving.   In taking the quiz I thought, these are all big things or "more important" and I have not been blessed with any of them (gift of healing/prophecy/etc) but thinking about it now, hospitality and giving are just as important and make a big difference.

The one I am going to expand on is giving.

To me, I have experienced great joy in giving... growing up I always tithed and I did it happily and saw the I was always taken care of financially.  I got away from it for a stage in my life, and maybe some people would say it was a coincidence, but I found I was struggling more and I truly believe that it was God's way of telling me... you need to give back some of what I have given you.  So now, after being at a fantastic church for over 3 years, and joyfully giving with my husband, we are being taken care of.

But giving isn't just tithing... it can be giving of your time, personal items, your ear, your heart, a hand.  And those are things I am always passionate about doing.  Not just with my church but with those I come in contact with on a day to day basis.  By no means am I perfect, and I am not sharing this to brag, but to encourage!

Even just the smallest act of giving can make a huge difference in someones life.  It can make a huge difference in your own as well... when you stop focusing on yourself, and I do not even mean this in a selfish way; you could be having a bad day emotionally ... try giving to someone else... you could be experiencing a loss of some sort, try giving.... you could be dealing with any number of things, positive or negative, but try giving...  and in no way am I say that giving will get you things in return or make your life perfect, but it definitely helps change your way of thinking, your attitude, your gratitude.

Maybe this is not your forte, maybe you do not find joy in giving, but you find joy other things, that may be your gift.  Just know though, that God wants to use you in one way or another.

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