Thursday, September 26, 2013

Renovations Day 2 & 3

It is amazing to see the amount of progress that can be made in just three days!! 

Monday the guys basically came in and demolished anything and everything they had to (see last blog post for photos and info), 

Tuesday they started laying new hardwood flooring, the electrician came in to set up our vent in the bathroom, and then yesterday it was a whirlwind of things being done... ugly nasty awnings came down, rod iron fences down, required handrail in breezeway built, two required replacement windows done, cement stone filled, deck fence repaired, and so much more! 

However, as with all contracting jobs and older homes, there is not always smooth sailing... we found out about two weeks ago that the outside of our house (the windows and trim) have lead paint.  The problem with that though is that our contractors did not test the paint before we hired them, and now come to find out they are not lead paint certified!!!! So that was issue #1.  Then yesterday, I found out after the plumber left, that the plumbing inspector told him that he has to make our entire bathroom up to code, so all the plumbing needs to be taken out and start from scratch .... $$$$$$$$... you catch my drift! We also found out that our entire house has balloon framing and pretty much no insulation.  We found a ton of random foam pieces stuck around windows and doors and trim, which I guess was the previous owners way of insulating (???).  We have an appointment for MassSave to come out and give us a free energy audit in a couple weeks and I am scared to hear what they have to say, because once again $$$$$$$$.

But with all that being said, it could definitely be worse... I watch a lot of HGTV and I have seen a lot worse, and Marc and I are just praying that this is the worst of it! 

Here are the recent pictures... enjoy! 

This is probably what made me the most happy yesterday... it doesn't look like much, however, lets take a look at the before picture again....

Moving on...

Our replacement window (we had two that were required to be fixed).

The sub flooring was laid in the kitchen.  Initially we were going to have the floors sanded and refinished in here as well, however, the floor was patched with so many different types of wood, the contractors said it would look like sh*t, so it was not worth refinishing.  So we are doing vinyl for now.  This is not exactly our first choice, but it is more budget friendly, so we will live with it until we can afford to redo the kitchen.

Living room floor patched and looking beautiful! 

Deck fence fixed! 

Our contractor taking down the awning over the deck! 

Filling cracks in cement (required for loan).

All the trash that they have been collecting from the house, in our garage!! 

I have also been in there painting, as well as my dad, and Marc.  Marc has been doing the ceilings with his mom, while dad and I paint the walls.  Dad primed the master bedroom Tuesday and yesterday I went in and painted it.  I thought I would leave you with this fun photo...

I fought the paint and the paint won!


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  1. Brie, from the looks of it, you really get "into" your painting !! You have so many talents !!