Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pinterest Project - Pretty Toes!

Hi everyone!! This is my FIRST pinterest project blog!  I hope you like it!  

So as you can see by the top of the photo I posted below, this was what I found on pinterest that someone very talented did to her nails.  I decided because it is summer though, to do a nice bright pink with the black (plus pink and black look hot together!!).  

I tried doing the design on both of my big toenails, however, I did my left foot first and liked how it came out better than the right foot, so I just removed the polish and started from scratch and decided to have only one accent nail.  Also, I know my nails are not perfect... I had an ingrown toenail that I had to have removed on my left foot, and it left it to grow in funny.  OH WELL! 

I would say on a scale of 1-5 (1 being easy and 5 being extremely difficult)... this design is probably about a 3, depending on how close you want to get it to the original.  Mine looks more of an ink splatter, but I actually really like it.  You also have to have a pretty steady hand to get the black lines on each one of the nails.

If you try it, take a picture and show me!  I'd love to see!! 

Below i snapped a few photos of me giving myself a pedicure today before doing the polish.  I wanted to share a couple tips I have learned.... 

1.  For discolored toe nails soak your feet in baking soda (and hydrogen peroxide if you want), or rub either lemon or lime over your nail. The acidity of the fruit will help eliminate the discoloration.  I used the baking soda more than fruit because the baking soda does not sting if I happen to have a cut or something.

2. Make sure to file your nails really well and even use a buffer to smooth it out... this will help you have perfect polish! 

3. Also, whether it is your hands or your feet ... use an exfoliating scrub.  This particular one I used is cranberry orange from Pink Papaya and is oil based so it moisturizes at the same time it is exfoliating!  I highly recommend it! Not to mention, it smells soooo good, it will make you want to eat it! 

4. Lastly, make sure to use a base coat and two layers of top coat for a long lasting finish.  Covering the tips of your nails too with top coat will help seal in the polish and prevent chipping as well.


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