Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Must-Haves Part 4 - CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES!!!

Okay, or originally I was going to go through what I own, take some selfies, and post them on the blog showing you what I currently own and would suggest looking into... however, our apartment is so hot and miserable (yes complain, complain, I'm sorry)... I have not done anything... the apartment is a mess so I have no where to take these pics to post.  So google... here I go finding random photos for suggestions.

Let's go...............

1.  A sun hat and sunglasses.  

Okay, I lied, I did find one picture I had already from a few weeks ago on my phone!
This hat I got from TJ Maxx in the beginning of the summer for $14.99 I believe.  The aviator style glasses were, I believe around $12.  I try to wear a hat in the sun as much as possible because it protects my hair (color and texture) as well as my face.  I was at a pool one day this summer and forgot my hat... guess what! Sun burned scalp!  OUCH! And of course you want to protect your eyes... and honestly, there have been studies done that you can buy glasses that are $8 or $80 and most likely (there is always an exception) they will protect you all the same.  So anyone on any budget should be investing in both these items.

2. A sun dress/maxi dress, long skirt  (okay, two pictures!) 

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes can wear maxi dresses (for the most part).  Here you have three different maxi dresses, on three different age women, with three different shaped bodies (turquois, black and striped) and I think we all look pretty good! Mine I got at Marshalls for $30.  They are loose and comfortable, yet modest and classy looking.

3.  A comfortable swimsuit in a fun color!

Whether it is a one piece, two piece or tankini... find something that fits and flatters your body, is comfortable and cute (don't forget sunscreen).  This particular bikini is from Victoria Secret.  I bought my first ever bikini from there last year for my honeymoon (I bough two but really only like one).  I hear they have good sales too... so maybe wait till mid-end summer to buy for next year?

That is it for now... let me know what your summer clothing and accessory essentials are! 

xoxo- B

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