Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Must-Haves Part 3- Skin care

Happy    SundaY!   
Here are the products I feel are great for summer and really all year round for your skin care routine...

                                    Sorry this image is sideways... I was having an issue with this one photo for some reason.  
A good skin care routine is a must!  Since I have been slowly trying to change how I buy products and find things that have good ingredients in them... this is one particular brand I found at Whole Foods that seems to work well and is affordable.  

Giovanni Detox System is a 3 step system.  I only have 1 and 3 due to the fact that I am still trying to use up my current facial exfoliate scrub (which would be #2 in this system).  The smell is not anything to write home about, however, I do like that the cleanser removes my makeup and the moisturizer seems to be doing its job.  The only negative I think I could say about this is that when I use the cleanser, even though I have my eyes shut, sometimes it stings my eyes.  Besides that though, works great and it is free of harsh chemicals that other skin care products have.  

These next two products to me go hand in hand.... 

For my wedding I got an airbrush tan and to help the color last longer they suggested I buy this Amber Sun pro-long color extending moisturizer.  Normally I would not care to spend money on this from a salon when I can buy it in the beauty supply store, but it was convenient and I really needed this to look good (obviously)!

Now I no longer have that airbrush tan but I am using this gradual tanner this summer.  The issue I have always had with gradual tanners though is that my elbows and knees and ankles would look streaky.  Also, everyone knows you should shave and exfoliate before applying tanner to your legs... well, I always hated how it looks afterwards.  I found that the tanner would get collected into my pores and you could see small dots of tanner from where I shaved.  Anyone else know what I am talking about?  At first I thought it was just the product, but I have tried soooo many and it always does that.

So I did some experimenting and long story long... I mix it with a little bit of coconut oil.  It gives extra moisture and goes on more evenly without the spotting in the pores!  I am in love with this technique.  And for those self tanners that have a bit of an offensive odor, well the coconut oil helps counteract that smell.

Note: Check out of one my first blogs about all the uses for coconut oil.  I also use this on my face for extra moisture, my lips, my hair, etc.


I follow a lot of beauty "guru's" on and in watching their videos, many of them talk about the Clarasonic.  Sounds like a great product to me, however, I cannot afford to spend around $150 for one.  So I figured I would start off small.  

I purchased this ($19.99) and a teeth whitening system ($10), used CVS bucks and ending up only spending $9.00 on both!  Sweet deal!  I do not have anything to compare this too but I do notice a huge difference in my complexion as well as I can tell that it truly removes all the dirt and makeup off my skin.  There are two speeds and the brush turns clockwise with a click and then counterclockwise with another click of the button.  It also comes with two brush heads.  So, I would say that I have found a pretty good product in my budget!  You should check it out! 

Once again, let me know if you have any recommendations for summer must-haves! 


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