Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Want to hear a secret??

I am sharing with you one of my favorite beauty secrets!

Back in high school I would faithfully get acrylic nails done for two reasons... A. they looked nice B. the nail polish stayed on for at least three weeks if not longer.

In college I was concerned about the damage done to my nail so I started getting gel nails done (supposedly healthier than acrylics).

Then a few years ago gel polish came out.  A nail polish that lasted at least two weeks but you have to get it done in a salon (but I worked in the salon and had access to it).  Gel polish was nice but it required many many steps to apply and quite the process to remove, and it does hurt some peoples nails... so now what??

Ladies lets admit it!  There is just something about having your nails done that make you look classier and feel more beautiful!  I know I am not the only one out there who thinks that.

And if you do not have the money to faithfully get your nails done, then you are out of luck!   And we can easily pick up a bottle of nail polish and do it ourselves, however, how many of you are like me though and hate to paint your nails because they just end up chipping a day or two later?  How about paying for a manicure? NO WAY!  It just does not seem to last.

Well... I found the secret to great lasting nail polish!! 

A lot of beauty products make claims that they do not follow through on, so initially when I discovered this, I was skeptical but I tried it anyway.  I am IN LOVE!! <3   No lie, this stuff is fantastic.

You do not need a base coat.  You use the color of your choice and then the top coat, that is it!  I am obsessed with this color pictured but I am eager to venture out and try others.  The smell is not too bad and it dries quicker than regular nail polish.  

I decided to do my nails and documents how the polish held up... mind you these photos are after washing my hands many many times, showering, cooking, cleaning, laundry, going to the gym and so on.  So check it out! 

As you can see on day six, I am just now starting  to get chips in my polish.  I could easily go back and fill in the chips and add more top coat but if I decide not to, I can easily take polish remover and take it completely off (and once I remove it, my nails feel perfectly normal, no damage, no soft nails).  But seriously... SIX DAYS.

This company offers a huge selection of colors and they are continuing to add more colors as the seasons change.

If you are interested in purchasing some, I am more than happy to get it for you, let me know.  You can also look at but you will not find this in stores.

I hope you enjoyed this review of a new product and try it out.  If you do, or have, comment on my blog and let me know your thoughts!


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